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Looking to Sell Your Property?

Here's our Unique Selling Proposition! We encourage you to compare what other agents may offer you.
Our DISCOUNT SERVICE includes MLS Listing ONLY for a discount flat fee of $350.00. This option is great for seller's facing imminent foreclosure or other distressed sale reasons.

Our FULL SERVICE Offering is based on Our Unique Approach to SELLING YOUR PROPERTY, not listing your property. Listings usually don't sell themselves. People do. Our proven approach to selling your property includes a '26 Point Marketing Plan', in addition to many new features we are developing and testing to improve the chances of success in selling your property. In addition, Our 'Full Service Listing Offering' comes with a 72 Hour Turn Around Guarantee - from Signed Listing Contract to Marketing Campaign Launch. Our Full Service Offering also includes the following:
  • We'll get your advertising copy drafted, professionally written, and proofread with motivated and captivating words that produce results!
  • We'll capture and obtain the most appealing and eye-catching digital high-resolution and low-resolution photos of your property! (Don't Forget to Ask Me Why This is so important!)
  • We'll launch a website establishing your properties 'Premiere Presence' with precision search engine placement allowing you to target locally, regionally or internationally based prospective buyers! (I'll explain how this feature will get hundreds of additional visitors to look at your property with website traffic statistics & Pay Per Click enhancement for search engine and interent traffic)
  • We'll setup, and establish a toll free telephone number, with a private dedicated extension for your property to be used on your property's listing sign and all other advertising media ! (We can show you how a dedicated phone number compares to other listings in the market place).
  • We'll provide each caller with an articulate property announcement and brief summary 24 hours a day, in the language of your choice! (English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or Arabic. Assumming that your buyer will come from the US and speak only english is a serious mistake and oversight that we do not make with negotiating and executing the sale of your property. Let us show you how catering to an international buyer might be the solution you need to a quick sale in your targeted sale range).
  • We'll provide a 'fax-on-demand' property offering prospectus for each caller. (I'll show you how a professionally designed prospectus places your property at the TOP of every buyer's consideration).
  • We'll provide you with a detailed report of all web traffic visits, all phone calls, all fax-on-demand requests, all responses to advertising media with contact histories for each prospect. (Be sure you quickly employ this feature as a benchmark for accountability for all prospective agents you are considering represent you.)
  • We'll provide prospective buyers with a 24 hour free automated loan pre-qualification phone line. (This feature reduces the anxiety an serious buyer might have BEFORE they begin the negotiation process. It also prevents a prospective buyer from going to a loan officer for a pre-qualification letter and being 'steered' to their preferred real estate agent who might try to persuade your potential buyer to buy a listing offered by their preferred agent instead of purchasing your property.)
  • We can arrange for loan pre-approval to make sure that the offer you decide to accept from a prospective buyer is qualified and fundable if necessary. (Ask me how this benefits you and saves you time.)
  • Through our favored relationships with preferred lenders and mortgage professionals; we can refer prospects to a Mortgage Planner who will demonstrate to your prospects how purchasing YOUR property will improve their overall financial net worth and prepare a 'Total Cost Analysis & Tangible Net Benefits Analysis'! (Ask me how this dramatically enhances the chance your home will be sold - compared to the standard Good Faith Estimate Only, that most loan officers provide.)
  • We will always represent you as your agent dressed in professional attire. (Ask me how this plays an important factor in the sales negotiation process and what unique benefits this provides to you.)
  • You get all this for a tax deductible flat fee of 6% of your properties final negotiated sale price.


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